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** Sorry! Free reports have been abused!
Please email Dwayne for 5 free reports after setting up your account.
OK... we have some idea now how much of our system resources these reports will take up. The pricing below reflects this and some additional goodies we are working on that will also be part of these reports. Please be aware that these reports are run in our background que and process times could change from run to run. Usually it will take about three minutes to complete the report on all .com .net .org and that time will increase with the addition of multiple nameserver patterns.
You should use the .NAMESERVER.COM pattern to cover all the namesservers for that domain. Please feel free to send us a feedback message as to how this is running. We've been told that we can't take this away now because it's a "must have tool". Stay on channel for more in the reports.
Thank You
   *** Pricing ***
  Cost       Reports
  $ 10         20
  $ 35         80
  $ 50        150
  $100        400
  $200       1000

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